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A dry red wine for every occasion, resulting from a wise blend of Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon grapes cultivated in our own vineyards..

An intense ruby color, a spicy and fruity fragrances dominated by cherries and blueberries tones, a subtly bark note: this is how our red wine will already captivate your sense of smell. Once you taste it, you’ll get hooked by a well-structured body, a mouth-watering acidity and a generous lingering finish. Its balance and subtlety always leaves you wishing one more glass.

Vinis Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon pairs obviously with a good and juicy steak, but rock also pretty well with roasted pork served on a bed of baked potatoes, rabbit with prunes venison, wild deer, wild boar, and many specialties of Balkan cuisine. You will be really surprised if you try it with beef bourguignon as well as if you pour it in the sauce!


A dry white wine that will open you up to new horizons. We are really focusing on creating a unusual white blend, that is as delicious as it is unique.

With its attractive yellow color contrasted with some hints of green, Vinis Chardonnay has an exceptional bouquet of fruit, with a domination tones of peach and apricot. In the mouth, this wine is harmonious and relatively powerful, and your palate will be refreshed and seduced by a touch a vanilla, a touch of golden delicious apple and a vibrant acidity.

This white wine pairs really well with all the dishes from Balkan cuisine, and it is even more suggested to combine it with a good cheese, roasted chicken, drunken carp or smoked salmon. Don’t forget to keep it chilled at 9 – 11°C !


A refreshing rosé wine mostly made from of our Merlot grapes, using modern production technology. There is no wrong way to sip this rosé, just enjoy it!

A provocative bright pink colour, characterized by a transcendent floral and fruity smell, then followed by its refreshing acidity attack, mixed with an agreeable fruit-forward flavour: as delectable as it will arouse your taste buds! This is a wine to pour from Valentine’s Day through the Holidays, and definitely all the warm months in between. Rosé all day, rosé all year!

Enjoy the deliciousness of drinking Vinis Rose by the pool on its own or while enjoying a barbecue. To be even more charmed, pair it with a summer salad, light appetizers, grilled salmon or chicken breast. Just serve this wine well-chilled and it can become the rosé you’ll ever need.


Winery Vinis

The ancient village of Dobra Voda is located where the gentle Pomoravlje and the undulating hills of Resava meet, 18 km northeast of Jagodina. In the most beautiful landscape of this village, on the all-day sunny hills at an altitude of 250-300 m above sea level with soil ideal for vines, 6.5 h of the Nikolić family’s vineyard planted with high-quality varieties spread out.

The sun, the earth, selected varieties of vines, family tradition, but also the dedication to wine and viticulture of its owners, who built up a refined sense of good wines working for decades in France, and the determination to use in production all the most advanced that modern and innovative wineries have to offer. technology of the 21st century have soared VINIS Winery to the very top of Serbian winemaking in a very short time. Because, although VINIS wines have been present in Serbia’s wine offer only since 2011, they have already been crowned with awards and gold medals at prestigious fairs and wine evaluations in Serbia, but also in the world (Bordeaux, London, Brussels, Hungary…).
For centuries, Dobra Voda was known for numerous sources of extraordinary water (hence the name), and today, at the beginning of the 21st century, thanks to the VINIS Winery and its high-quality red, white and rose wines exclusively produced from its own vineyards, the name of this village is written in golden letters on the wine map of Serbia.

The owners of this young and already successful family winery know that viticulture and winemaking are not just a job, mere production, but a passion, charm, knowledge, research and improvement that never ends, and that’s why they expand the plantations with new varieties of vines, they are not fooled by previous awards and – they promise even better quality red, white and rosé wines and a wider range of products.

Tune your senses, drink fine wines !

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“The sun, the soil, the selected grape varieties, the family tradition, but also the commitment to the wine industry and wine growing of its owners, who have built a sensation for fine wines for decades in France, and the determination to use modern and advanced technology in their wine-making process rises the winery Vinis at the very top of the Serbian winery. Available in Serbia’s restaurants only since 2011, they have already been awarded a grand gold medal in The United Nations of Fine Wines international competition for their wonderful red wine, and gold medals at prestigious fairs and wine evaluations in Serbia, but also in the world (Bordeaux, London, Brussels, Hungary …).

For centuries, the small village called Dobra Voda which literally means “Good Water”, was known for its numerous sources of extraordinary water (hence its name), and today, at the beginning of the 21st century, thanks to the notoriety of the winery Vinis and its high-quality red, white and rosé wines exclusively produced from their own plantations, the name of this village was inscribed with gold letters in the wine map of Serbia.

Wine-making process is not just simple farm-to-bottle-to-mouth labour for the wine enthusiasts’ family Nikolić, but a profound knowledge mixed with a deep dedication for wine-growing, where research and improvement is a never ending quest. Therefore, they always seek for new varieties of grapes in order to find the perfect blend and the finest wine quality into each of their bottle.”

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